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Stainless Steel Balls

Winspeed Balls has more than 15 years experience in manufacturing stainless steel balls.

We provide 400 series stainless steels including 420,430 and 440.

Type 400 series stainless steel balls are moderately corrosion resistant and can be hardened by heat treating for durability.

Winspeed Balls Type 300 series or austenitic stainless steel balls are offered in  304 and 316. To learn more about our stainless steel products, please see the separate ball introduction.

Different types of stainless steel balls are used in different fields according to their characteristics, mainly used in bearings,motors,valves,high precision instruments,pump,medical instruments,milk bottles,food machinery,cosmetic accessories,hardware accessories,house appliances accessories,stamping stainless steel,etc.

Stainless steel balls as our core competitive products,which has already won the trust of global clients,we will continue to make great efforts, provide our best balls to you.

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Stainless steel balls
    ● AISI 304 & 304L
    ● AISI 316 & 316L
    ● AISI 420
    ● AISI 430
    ● AISI 440 C
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Add:No.1501, West Road 5,Yujing Tower,Zibo,Shandong,China.

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